Shoot Sponsoring

Help fund the shoot and share in the results!

With shoot sponsoring you can select the type of shoot to help fund and in return you will receive high-resolution copies of all the best material we capture.

Sample event types:

  • Community (fairs, festivals, parades, talent shows, pageants, etc...)
  • Sporting (soccer, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics, triathlons, etc...)
  • Performing (acting, music, cheer, dance, aerials, circus, etc...)
  • Locations (parks, rivers, lakes, ocean, mountains, towns, cities, etc...)
  • Modeling (certain portrait/lifestyle sessions)

(Please note events must be public and permit professional photo gear usage.)


Photography gear:
We will be utilizing top-quality, full-frame, mirrorless cameras and low-light lenses that capture stunning resolution, sharpness and detail even at telephoto focal lengths.


The ordering process is easy:

    1 - You contact us indicating the event type you would like to sponsor.
    2 - We will respond with any upcoming availability for that event type.
    3 - If you choose to sponsor you simply pre-order at least 1 day prior.

(Please note you can still order a shoot after the pre-order window has closed however the price will be higher.)

Special introductory pricing:

   Small event - $99.95
   Large event - $149.95


If you have any questions please feel free to email us!

[email protected] or

[email protected]


We are happy to assist you!



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