Lady of the pond.


About Us:
We are a specialty provider of youth photography designed to meet a variety of commercial, illustrative, and artistic needs.
We work with a variety of child, teen, and adult talent at various skill levels to help bring your unique creative vision to life.
Our clean, tasteful and affordable style of photography is simply unique!

Store Info:
Purchased images do not contain a watermark.
We own the exclusive copyright for the material we sell.
Our work is protected by copyright law and international treaties.  
We have a signed commercial model release on file for each usage requiring it.
Our tasteful and appropriate style of photography is legal for purchase in the US, Canada and many other countries.


Contact Us:
[email protected] or
[email protected]


Models & Photographers:
We strive to always present talent in a positive and appropriate way.  Likewise, if you are an artist dedicated to producing only high-quality, respectful and appropriate portrayals of youth please contact us!


PYinspired (PY) is not a model agency and does not represent any of the talent listed or who appears in our work.

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